“Asleep at the Wheel of Time”

“Asleep at the Wheel of Time”

Asleep at the Wheel of TimeIn “Asleep at the Wheel of Time” author Michael Gray uses the vehicle of a Science Fiction action story to raise questions about our treatment of Earth and the fellow beings with whom we share it. The cast of characters includes humans, whales, dolphins, and aliens, who are attempting to contact humanity because a comet is threatening their long-time friends, the cetaceans. Michael lives with his family in Albuquerque, where he works with individuals afflicted with ALS and MS through Friends In Time, a non-profit he co-founded 20 years ago. He also works with Pathways Academy, a school that serves kids with Autism and learning issues, as Board President. He has published stories, poetry and essays, and Asleep now joins his memoir The Flying Caterpillar (also ABQ Press 2012) as his second published book.

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Bulk purchases can be made via emailing the author directly at michael@michaelgrayauthor.com.

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