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KSFR Radio, May 12, 2015
Aging Reimagined: An Interview with Laurie McGarth
Laurie McGarth interviews Michael Gray and brings to light connections between his novel, “Falling on the Bright Side” and the issues that come into everyone’s lives as we age.

Albuquerque The Magazine, April 2015
Pearls of Wisdom: An Interview with Adam Baca

PrimeTime, April 2015
Michael Gray Once Again, A Review

Albuquerque Journal, Feb 7, 1999, Page–E7
A Timely Assist, by Barbara Chavez, Journal Staff Writer
Organization co-founder found way to do more for the world

The Albuquerque Tribune, December 23, 1996
Silent Givers, First in a Series, by Ollie Reed, Jr, Tribune reporter
Lou Gehrig’s disease changed his life; then he and a friend joined forces to change the lives of other victims

Gesar, Winter 1993, Vol. XI No. 363
The Past as Gateway, by Michael Gray
A short article written by Michael Gray after a life-transforming half-year retreat he was fortunate enough to attend.

Book Reviews

What book reviewers and readers are saying about Michael Gray’s writings.

Falling on the Bright Side

“It is a wonderful book, Michael. Not just great writing, engaging characters, and a “plot” that grabs the reader. Imagine how many readers have aging parents, relatives with MS and related neurological diseases. This is a sympathetic and informative book, presented as a compelling story.”
— Ann Paden, writer and editor of many books (“I Bought it at Polk Bros”)
“Michael Gray’s fiction examines the classic fractures of life (troubled marriages, professional crashes, loss of faith) by taking his finely-drawn characters down unpredictable pathways. The reader delights in both recognition and discovery.”
— Lynn C. Miller, Ph.D., writer and educator,
“Larry became such a wonderful character, and the parallel father-son situations worked so well. I also admire your psychological mind AND how you just listened to all the directions you could and stayed true to yourself. This one is a true winner.”
— Phyllis Skoy, MSW, LISW, certified psychoanalytic psychotherapist, and published writer
“Michael Gray translates his singular view of life’s oddities and challenges into narratives that demand their everyman protagonists live larger.”
— Lisa Lenard Cook, author of “Dissonance” & “The Mind of Your Story”
“The lessons from disability are great if one allows oneself to open to them… I am intrigued by your new project.” — C Scott Taylor, Exec. Dir. Cetacean Studies Institute, author of “Souls in the Sea: Dolphins, Whales, and Human Destiny”

Asleep at the Wheel of Time

“Michael Gray paints his scenes and leaves haunting images that replay in my head over time. A bit science fiction, a bit fantasy–this book appeals to a wide variety of reading appetites. Read it. You’ll be glad you did.”
— Penny Durant, prize winning author of “Child of El Salvador”
“I was moved by this book, its characters, its images, and its willingness to meet head on some of the difficult issues about what it will take for the human race to evolve into a new state of consciousness”.
— Carol Holland March, Author of “The Way Home”
“This seems like a channeled work to me.”
— Mary Sue Comstock, therapist, yoga teacher and close friend of the dolphins
“The Dolphins have a way of intersecting with so many people, inspiring their work, ideas, dreams. One’s life can be entwined with the Delphic Wave anywhere, with no requirement that they be physically present with dolphins. It seems as if this is the case for you.”
— C Scott Taylor, Exec. Dir. Cetacean Studies Institute, author of “Souls in the Sea: Dolphins, Whales, and Human Destiny”
“I think that the X-files/ Men in Black/ Star Trek IV type plot and scenario works well in your novel. Who knows? It could well be that the Titanians are actually among us as I write this letter!”
— D’Arcy O’Connor, author of “The Secret Treasure of Oak Island”
“I’m about one hundred pages into Asleep at the Wheel of Time. Reading it makes me feel like a twelve year old aging, immersing himself in a realm only entered by way of half guesses and wonderings before. But those words don’t get at the informative nature of such works”.
— Ken McKeon (see his poems on my blog, “Mailbag” section)
“I just finished your novel and wanted to let you know I really enjoyed it. The material was very thought-provoking and makes me wish I knew more about dolphins and whales.”
— Author Cynthia Sylvester
“Michael Gray translates his singular view of life’s oddities and challenges into narratives that demand their everyman protagonists live larger.”
— Lisa Lenard Cook, author of “Dissonance” & “The Mind of Your Story”

The Flying Caterpillar

The Flying Caterpillar
by Michael Gray

The Flying Caterpillar

“I simply LOVE the first four pages of The Flying Caterpillar. The language is delicious and the metaphors are living. The gift of the teaching is skillfully and beautifully wrapped. I really think this is terrific!!!”
— Hayward M. Fox, Ph. D., Clinical Psychologist with 40 years as a practicing psychotherapist
“I am reading your book, chapter by chapter, paragraph by paragraph, re-reading and re-reading again… I am awe struck, amazed, inspired and challenged. Caterpillar is a Joy beyond the words it is written in.”
— Ned Omalia, Ph. D. in Asian religions, tour guide (from Tibet to Morocco), teacher, weatherman, and official judge of spam cuisine at the NM state fair
“I have been profoundly affected by Caterpillar. Perhaps it is the emotional effect of reading the details of your and Foster’s relationship, the awful technical details of ALS vs. MS, or the summation of the Buddhist precepts (which I’ve never seen in one place before, and am grateful to you for).”
— Dan Sessions, Poet and Musician
“It was a gift to read a book by someone I know and like and admire, someone very much alive and mindfully so. This “good Catholic girl” approves of your spiritual journey and agrees with your view of fundamentalist forms of religion. Good for you, Michael, and others like you, who don’t park their backsides in pews and have religion fed to them.”
— Michelle Bedard (see her poems on my blog, “Mailbag” section)
“Thanks so much for sending me copies of your new book. It is very interesting & clearly a labor of love. I’ll put a copy in the Institute’s library.”
— Sylvia Gretchen, Dean of the Nyingma Institute
“I am quite taken with your book! Great job.”
— Pat Simmons, retired Executive Director of Big Brothers and Big Sisters
“Michael Gray has written a moving memoir. I first heard about it via a TSK Inquiry website.”
— Caroline Sherwood, longtime seeker, writer, workshop leader