TSK Background

Some TSK Background

A quarter of a century ago– marking time in my job and stranded in ways of knowing that guaranteed my present would repeat the past and the possibilities of the future vanish into expectation and dread–I encountered a strange, evocative book by Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku, “Time, Space, Knowledge: A New Vision of Reality”.

I began getting up at 4:00am to follow a doorway which this vision opened into an unexpected and living richness.  In the years since, I have continued to study the books that have followed, each of which explore the TSK vision from different viewpoints and in ways that enliven a range of interests, capacities, and temperaments.

For a list of the books in the TSK series, you can visit the Dharma Publishing website:


For an engaging introduction to how this vision can be applied to the circumstances of daily life, you can watch one of the 5 minute videos of Hayward M. Fox, a Clinical Psychologist who has practiced psychotherapy and studied this vision for 40 years:


The above link to Hayward’s videos is on the TSK Inquiry website of David Filippone, and anyone interested in inquiring further into the TSK vision will find much of interest accessible on his site.

Jack Petranker, the primary editor of the TSK books, has created an on-line meeting place which hosts inquiry and study of the TSK vision: “Center for Creative Inquiry”.  As well as an overview of the TSK vision linked to below, you may want to click the Discussion tab where Jack, Hayward, David and myself are all regular contributors:


Finally, you can read the introduction to the TSK vision and its founder, Tarthang Tulku, which appeared in the Summer 2013 issue of Caduceus, an English periodical devoted to healing.