Knowing the Ocean

“Within each point of time and space infinite depths are available.”  (Sacred Dimensions of Time and Space, Tarthang Tulku, P xix)


How wonderful to apprehend that there is a vast realm in which Time, Space and Knowledge are at play, where everything I experience is the surface of that vastness—a surface arising as the dance of time and space, express messenger of a finer knowledge that blows like sea spray across my face.

The ocean with sunlight sparkling off its constantly moving surface–moving tapestry of water and sunlight–is the face of untold depths beneath.

A humpback whale suddenly breaks through the surface before my astonished eyes, inhabiting the air in the kind of time she brings with her.  Drops of sea water separate from her body and linger in the sunlight, while I discover myself lingering in the company of a deeper knowing which touches the depth of my being.

Michael Gray, 01/22/14

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