Mulligan — by Ken McKeon

Take me on the light side,
The deep horn of Gary Mulligan
Blowing closely held open harmonies,
Swift and intimate releasing breaths
Open away to a sweet and lively heaven mode.

So happy to be here,
Maybe windy outside,
Maybe branches cracking off and falling,
If lucky only minor dents in car hoods, roofs, trunks,
If unlucky, my god, total crunch,

But inside, light and breezy accomplishment play,
All of it turning
Into a soft evening spin,
Later even,
So late the heaven shine of delicately rendered
Stardust shows up in your hair, on your shoes,
It’s a magical vaporizing,
Low key heavenly sparklings
Falling down with
Not a boom and not a crash

All it’s saying is get close and love,
The tapping of a finger
Every now and then some nodding approval,

It’s okay, it’s so good,

Hum, hum, hum, smile away.
Leave your frowns at the door,

You are welcome here.

–Ken McKeon, 01/22/14

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