We are always taking a next step along a path.  Sometimes we are aware of turning in a fresh direction, sometimes our tread seems compelled by the thoughtless drear of routine.  It is good to feel the journey, not in the sense of seeking to control outcomes (although intention seems important to a meaningful journey), but in the sense of being aware and present to whatever arises.

The only prayer I know is “May all beings be happy, may all beings be well, may all beings be joyful”.  Those wishes came spontaneously to heart while walking the labyrinth this morning.  Our world is so confused.  The influences received by all of us–especially children–make it so hard to find a doorway into happiness and fulfillment, that there is great need for people to wish one another well.

There is comfort in walking a path that is well-trodden and has been mapped out with the intention to promote understanding, opening and consecration.  Sometimes established routines seem deadly to spirit, but a form that we fill with our own involved heart nourishes and comforts at the deepest level.

Stepping out from the ground that supports us, alive to the fullness of the moment, feeling the horizon of possibility that draws us forward–we drink deeply from the stream of time.  This kind of path through the fullness of time knows nothing of the barren, fleeting moment snatched from the jaws of a past that is dead and a future that is forever out of reach.

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