Moon River Running

Tides rise and fall in their ocean basins, as Earth turns under the steady pull of the Moon. Times of prosperity and of famine alternate—although for some it will be one or the other for an entire lifetime.

The clock beside me ticks and tocks, ticks and tocks, measuring out this morning’s rhythm. As long as I hear it I must be this side of the metronome swing I call life.

I rewind this clock each Sunday, but the Moon seems to have been wound up once many billions of years ago. Ever since, she has provided, like a patient percussionist, a steady beat that marks out days and months.

A few ‘lunatics’ and other worthies are highly sensitive to the phases of the Moon, like lovers to the mood of their beloved, but most of us prefer to watch the phases of the markets and count years until retirement.

What are these back and forth oscillations—these cycles of days and seasons–each with their own vibrational cadence permeating every level and every realm? Rhythm touches spinning galaxies and whirling electrons alike. Does everything we call progress, growth, and the accumulation of virtuous qualities–all those vectors and ratios in which we invest so much concern—really amount to a back and forth ebbing and flowing of endlessly repeating cycles: among them our own human lifetime?

But here we are, peering forth upon a world: inner light drawn to the light without.

If Earth is our mother then who is this Moon? Life has arisen on Earth and continues to arise, under the steady pull of a Moon whose gentle rocking has provided terrestrial life a cradle since immemorial time. The comfort of her rhythmic movement appears to be essential for Gaia and for all who arise and prosper upon her.

Electricity is generated when a magnet rotates inside copper coils and it seems that the Moon generates a flow of energy within Earth’s unfolding aliveness. The monthly phases of the Moon are but the visible face of an ancient relationship that has been vital since chaos ruled our solar system. The tides she stirs up are never still—in lava or the healing waters of life—and more constant than the changing face she turns toward Earth.

You can set your clock by the phases of the Moon, as Native Americans learned many moons ago, and you can feel her presence running in the rivers of time.

2 comments to “Moon River Running”
  1. Nice last line!! But that moon, she certainly has her way with the tide, higher and higher at times, it seems, especially in winter. Global warning?

  2. I’d forgotten. You have the Moon knocking at your front door, pulling and pushing the Pacific Ocean to and fro, back and forth.

    Here, in Albuquerque, between the mountains and the desert, the Moon passes overhead unblinking and only has our restless minds to push around..

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