Entries for a Book of Accidental Sayings.

I used to worry about the future, but now it sends me post cards with the message: “I’m still here. Wish you were too.”

   Intention is a dove flying across the open sea with a message for us: that it’s OK to hope and dream.

When we climb out of a hole into which we have fallen, we may feel inspired to climb a nearby tree.

   Who doesn’t love those words, “All on Board”? First class or steerage, dining car silverware or P&J sandwiches–everyone embarking on the journey of their lives.

Variety is as good as a vacation—as long as we notice that every moment has just showed up out of nowhere.

   In rejection and failure lie the seeds of new beginnings.

. . . to be continued, perhaps

4 comments to “Entries for a Book of Accidental Sayings.”
  1. We are all connected, not by a network of lines, but by being “of” the same space. The space in each point is the same space that is in all points.

  2. From an infinitely small point, we draw a line by embarking on a journey. Then, cresting a hill, we may exclaim, “Where was this sky hiding all my life?”

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