The Alien Interviews

Aliens have been watching us for a long time, but—to the immense relief of many—in October, 2020, they made their presence known to the people of Earth.

I have been involved in their investigations of the human beings who have allowed an irreversible planetary break down to occur.

Psychic humans have been recruited to aid in this investigation. Although my own experience represents a small subset of what is occurring around our planet at this time, it is clear that they are interested in two groups of humans: those whose behavior is fueling the destruction of our planet; and beings with honest hearts and minds who constitute our best chance as a species to continue living here.

To illustrate this process, I want to share an interview with a well-known public figure, which I believe illuminates what the aliens are hoping to find. In this particular interview, the typical barrage of questions was cut short after just three.

Question 1: Do you sometimes remember your childhood and wonder whether you felt differently and thought differently then than you do now?

Answer 1: Believe me; I have always had tremendous intelligence.

Question 2: Do you feel that there are other human beings with different cultural backgrounds and different aspirations than your own, whose contributions are important for this world?

Answer 2: If something is worth knowing, I already know it better than anyone else. I’m probably clairvoyant, because I know things without having to read or listen to anyone. A few people are useful, but I already understand more than they do. You’re an immigrant so you don’t have the first idea of what’s really going on.

At that point, the alien attempted to clarify the question.

Question 2a: Are there other cultures, other societies, and other people, about whose lives you may know few details, whose perspectives are worthy of your consideration?

Answer 2a: Believe me—if I don’t already know about them then they are not worth knowing. They may not even exist.

After communicating in his own language through the screen behind his chair, the alien turned to the subject again and—I suspect skipping a few questions–sent me a third one to ask out loud.

Question 3: Do you believe that there is a higher purpose animating all of life, which we, with our individual perspectives, cannot completely understand, but which we can nonetheless strive to exemplify in our behavior?

Answer 3: Yes, that’s right.

If the change in the alien’s face was an expression of relief, it didn’t last long.

Answer 3 (continued): Finally a question that makes sense. There may be hope for you yet. I am the higher power you just asked about. I am the most powerful man in the world. Others try to thwart me, but I’m the one still standing. Where are the pretenders now? I fired them.

The recent intrusion of an alien presence into our planet’s affairs must surely be in response to the disappearance of Artic ice and oxygen-producing forests, and to the pain and deprivation experienced by vast numbers of terrestrial beings–while the heartless indifference of those in power continues unabated.

Although these alien investigations of humanity are clearly being undertaken globally and thoroughly, what happened next underscored that time is of the essence. As the last ice shelves fall into the sea and ancient forest growths (the lungs of our world) disappear throughout the Amazon, there is no time to waste.

The alien interrogator’s floating chair rose a few feet and vanished through the screen.

The interview was over. Apparently no further questions were needed in order to assess this individual’s fitness to govern.

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  1. I had to google them to remember “The Day the Earth Stood Still” Very appropriate. That’s what we need now–some really attention grabbing event. Alas, the last of the ice that took eons to accumulate is falling away in just a few years and life goes on oblivious to those cataclysmic disasters . . .

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