A Trip along Memory Lane

What a pleasure it is to be interviewed by someone (Bruce Alderman in this case) who through their interest and skilled inquiry is able to put you at ease so that you feel at home visiting your own past and pondering the meaning of your present life. True the man on the screen, who goes by my name, seemed older than the image I carry in my head. But there is nothing unfamiliar to me in my pondering delivery. What pleased me most was that I never lost track of the main themes of our conversation and continued to be stimulated by his invitations to share my thoughts and feelings.

I hope some of you will be interested in clicking the link below and and that if you do you find something that resonates with your own inquiries into what it means to be a human being living at this time in the life of our world.

2 comments to “A Trip along Memory Lane”
  1. Loved the interview! Bruce is a skilled and compassionate partner in dialogue, he asks but he also gives. The mutual sharing of past trauma’s and the process of recovery was riveting. And of course you didn’t lose track of the themes, they were your life experiences. Great job! 🙂

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