Two Venturings Forth

I’ve just been published in two places: a book I’ve been working on for the past three years (“Winter Came Early; Reflections on Outliving my Son”); and an essay in the Spring issue of Kosmos Journal, where the theme is “Sacred Masculinity”.

The two are connected. Kosmos editor Rhonda Fabian asked me to write something about Jon; and I took a few passages from the book, since it is about Jon and my attempts to live in the shadow of his absence.

Unless you already know that you are interested–or that you are not interested–the Kosmos piece provides a stepping stone to the book. It gives a sense of the life-transition that I am trying to understand; and ends with a link to my book on Amazon (Kindle for $3.99; paperback for $13.99).

My Kosmos essay:

Winter came Early, on Amazon:

One comment to “Two Venturings Forth”
  1. Hi Michael,
    Just read your Kosmos article. I’m ‘nearly’ silenced by the suffering you, and your entire family endure. And the depth of pain your son Jon must have suffered. While I feel there are no words… you, through massive self-reflection these painful years, have managed to touch the essence of pain by providing us with your written account, your agonizing window into tragic loss. It’s your will to survive, your tenacious hope and trust in an unknown future that is an inspiration to me.

    I think, the rest of us suffering beings who are familiar with loss, who read your article and your book, will be grateful that YOU ‘found the words’ to express your pain, and your hope for the future…

    Warmest personal regards my friend,

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